What doesn’t make you will mar you.
So goes a saying.
The decision is left for you to either be Made or Marred!!!!
How then does this reflect in our daily lives?
We wake up each day to a new world, a new desire, a new hope and new dreams.
But every now and then we are faced with a particular mountain of challenge. This therefore determines who we really are on the inside,either to give up(Marred) or rise up to the impending occassion(Be Made).

The power life and death lies in the tongue so says the HolyBook!

No matter the obstacle in front of you, all you need is to convince yourself that you can and will overcome! Use your mouth to take the first step towards overcoming your challenge….

Remember, when you put your words in action and work towards overcoming your challenges, You’ll Come Out Stronger!

Stronger than you were before!!!

Face the challenge squarely and you’l be a betterMan when you overcome!!!

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