Can You Ask God to Help You Find a Job?

When looking for a job it sometimes seems too difficult to keep on believing there is one for you. That is the time when a sincere prayer will come to help. There is no doubt that the person is able to do anything with the help of God’s will. If you are a true believer, the following steps will surely help you find more faith, courage and get the best offer out there just for you.


Before you ask for God’s help, make sure you spend some time on thinking about the job of your dreams. It may be anything, it just has to be clear. Right down what are you looking for and what characteristics of your dream job will satisfy the needs of yourself and your family. Right down all you want. Remember not to be too bold with your requests, search for jobs that are suitable for you and your skills and maybe aim just a bit higher. As you know, when you want to hit a street lamp you should aim for the moon.

Make a list

In order to visualize and think of what you are looking for more clearly, make a list of all the  things you are looking for and be specific. Right them down according to your priorities. If the first thing you are looking for is a trustworthy company and a good salary, make sure you make them number 1 and 2.


Ask for the job of your dreams. Be sure to start with mentioning the things you are thankful for, the things God already gave you. Ask for your job and explain why each point means so much to you. You may want to cross out some points as you go through them. Thank God for help and believe in you.

Search and Believe

Each time you ask – go ahead and start searching again. You should not sit still, as God will help you to find a job as soon as you keep looking. Believe in God’s grace and power, and you will soon be happy with a great job offer.

Ask again

Remember to not stop asking until you find the job you are looking for. It may not be easy, but it will help you stay positive and keep on with your search.

Be grateful

Do not forget to thank God for everything good you already have. Be grateful for every opportunity out there to study, to earn some money, to do extra work. Remember that everything is given for a reason and you should never stop believing he has something big planned for you, you just have to go on with the search.

Here is an example of a prayer:

“God, thank you for your grace, for my family, for my health, for the chances we’ve been blessed with. I turn to you, seeking for your guidance in finding suitable employment. I am looking for a job with trustworthy people to have a long-time relations to be more stable for my family and to serve you more. I am looking for a job that can provide for my family. Do not leave me, our Lord, help me so that I will be able to turn to you again with praise and gratitude.”



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