The 21st Century has indeed first enveloped and then ballooned the never-ending trend in advancements; technology, commercial, finance, health, entertainment, sports and all other sector one can think of…

Oh Yes! Fashion as well……………Relax!

This is not an essay to talk about Indecent Dressing and likes, or the fact that the volume of materials used for making dresses has been reducing as the millennium keeps advancing. A gown that would normally take 6yards to make, now takes 1yard and half….Just Saying…It is style abi..Yes it is style (for your mind)

Now what is the point of this whole story? Well, make your conclusions when you are done reading.

Looking good or looking fake?
I like to look good. At least I know am trying and I love it when people look good. But I just seriously dislike the fake looks. What does it take to look fake? Now the first question is “what is the other side of fake?” My primary school tutor told me its “REAL”

Now what does it take to be real?  NOTHING!
For the realest you will ever be is the way you look when you wake up in the morning, and take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Now the focus of this writeup is this. If Real is good, Fake is bad right? RIGHT! How then do you look fake?


I can’t help but be faulted at how the so called makeups and makeovers, as they call it, can give a gargantuan transformation to our ladies. I must rather admit how unequivocally unquantifiable this “makeovers” transform “water to wine”

My agitation is why I will meet a lady at an event all looking good (or rather looking fake) and see this same lady (or is it a different lady or rather the REAL lady) and I could not help but wonder if I saw a “mermaid” the day before and an “orangutan” now.
Or maybe I saw the “wonderfully made” version before the “fearfully made” one.

To all the House of Taras and all other Makeover centers, I really appreciate you for the good works in the “looking good industry”. But please, please and please, Moderation is needed in everyday life.

As the saying goes “First Impression (with makeup) lasts forever”
I won’t bank on that statement in this makeover line of business. Second impression (without makeup),………………..(complete it yourself)


PS: Just my opinion



PS: Just my opinion



  1. Lol, ladies can’t help but find and stick to ways that’ll make them look better and more attractive. Remember men look at the outward appearance lolz. But I agree with you on moderation. Lovely write-up.

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    • @Stella I totally agree with you on looking more attractive. My stance on this is that makeovers should complement the existing beauty and not totally transform the person into a different being.


  2. Kudos,job well done.every human desire is to look good,the misconception we have is looking good is not looking fake,actually looking good is not all about makeover. come to think of the clothes we wear,our hair styles e.t.c also relating to males.I think makeovers should be done moderately to bring out the real beauty not making one look like a “beast”


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