Most times when I look around the streets and major roads, I cannot help but feel pity for the less privileged ones; homeless, helpless, hungry and dirty.

I then ask myself how I have helped these ones or how my fellow neighbours have rendered a sort of assistance. Only questions but no answers!

Is it that we all just decide to turn a blind eye and assert that it’s their lot? No one seems to care. Everyone is after his or her daily bread. After all, no one knows the struggles we passed through to get to where we are today.
But we really cannot deny the fact that someone, somewhere, along the difficult sojourn, helped us.

John Wooden once said:”You cannot live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you”

Coinciding with this article is our latest mantra and advocacy for “Change”

I ask myself, of what benefit will it be if the government changes but the citizens remain the same?

Imagine a scenario where we change our nation once in 365days; on our birthdays.

I see a situation where all these street-walking-less-privileged set of people get new clothes and good food on a daily basis just because its the day you were born or the day I was born.

But of course I have the option or choice of going to party and “turn it up” at the club. I would rather “turn it down” and make someone else enjoy what I have been enjoying for 364days.

What if we all lend a helping hand to these set of people and do something more worthwhile for Humanity.

The true measure of a man is not how he treats his equals but his inferiors – J.K Rowling.



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