Prophecy is said to be a Prediction uttered under “DIVINE INSPIRATION”

It’s totally encouraging that we live in a world where such is allowed. All a pastor needs is an avenue to pass on the message which of course is to his/her congregation or followers. In fact, around this side of the universe, the first few weeks of each new year is filled with optimism and pessimism surrounding prophecies from people of different spheres of religious beliefs. It has become a norm

The current tide of election discord causing upheaval within the country has led some “MEN OF GOD” to publicly say what has been revealed to them under DIVINE INSPIRATION.

My worry and great concern however, is the varying prophecies of pastors who publicly affirmed that God revealed Mr. A or B would win the election. Some even went further by saying the election will not hold.

I then ask myself under whose inspiration were these prophecies gotten? The GOD I know and serve will not reveal “green” color to a certain pastor and “red” to the other. HE is not a man that should lie….

Looking at the prophecies in a microscopic view, I see words like “If” Mr A does this, that will happen. “If” Mr. B can try to do this, that and that will happen.

Like seriously, If??? Sorry! But why are these prophecies sounding like probabilities, guess work and surrounded with the “If” condition(s). The word “IF” seems to be used as an easy way out in case they did not turn out as predicted. Let me reiterate, GOD is a God of Yes or No, not IF!

I am not writing this to criticize any “man of God’ because for I am not worthy to even wear your shoes or feast at the same table with you.

Just like Joseph Prince always points out, you have the bible as your reference book to whatever your pastor says. Go back to your closet and affirm God’s words.

Lastly, on judgement day, God will not ask you about me. He wont ask which church you attended, He will ask you how well you heeded to His word (The Bible). Do not let any pastor lead you to hell!

PS: Just my opinion




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