So I was speaking to over a hundred young people recently at an event…

“The seeming parochial and myopic disorientation of campaigns from our unrepentant and autocratic leaders has inexplicably and adscititiously execrate an imploding citizenry and advertently lacerate a pious populace into a melee without regard for repercussion but instead set a pace for ethnocentrism, leading an unpalatable state of epileptic chauvinism and jingoism.’’

All I noticed during the speech were signs of heavy sighing and repugnant looks on their faces. While some laughed and others listened in awe to the vocabularies I had uttered, I could bet that probably one or two out of these people actually firmly understood what I said. I had wasted my time in futility.

It would have been better for me to shut my speaking aperture than cause a stir among my listeners. It’s great to be sound vocabulary-wise. But when you misjudge the audience then you will only speak and not communicate. You can destroy the planet with your vocabulary for all I care but only do that when you are in the midst of people who will understand you.

In simpler terms;

“….the manner which are our leaders are campaigning has caused a divide along ethnic lines. If they choose to continue this way, the aftermath is unimaginable.”

Now everyone listening will definitely understand!

PS: Just my opinion.


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