Keep at it, run with it and remain focused, for you are only gathering pace.
Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, you are very close. Keep gathering pace.
Try and fail, try again and fail, then try again and fail. Keep trying! You are only gathering pace.

Usian Bolt’s first five steps in a 100meters race does not put him ahead. He was just gathering pace. The end result of the race, we all know.

Do you remember Michael Phelps? Yes! Nicknamed ‘Flying Fish’. The most decorated Olympian. His strides halfway through the swimming pool does not put him in the first position. He was just gathering pace.

Think about Buhari. Yes! Buhari! He started gathering pace in 2003, he kept at it in 2007 and penultimately in 2011. He reaped his reward in 2015.

The first step of a baby is all that matters in the journey to the new world of walking.
Its not the 127th hit of the rock that broke it. Pace was gathered in the first 126 hits.
Your efforts may seem futile and unyielding. As long as you know where you are heading, I dare to tell you that you are only GATHERING PACE.




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Twitter: xavierdisket
Skype: disukenny


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