A quintessential epitome of beauty crafted from the finest clays at creation. She must have been thought of when the Creator articulated thus; ‘Let us make MAN in our own image’. This feminine homo sapien was “wonderfully made”.

Her outfit was a carefully designed purple-coloured chinchilla gown. She wore a smile  that radiated not just her ‘youniqueness’ but further arrogated why she should contest for the Miss World Pageant!

The fountain behind her activated such a resonating appearance of classical royalty that I went agape when I saw this Friend Request on Facebook…. We fraternized!

We selected topics ranging from general life issues to fashion, politics, relationship, and all sorts.
I was actually meant to be ‘swept off my feet’ but there was this repelling intuition encapsulated within the whole connectivity. I mellowed.
She knew too much of fashion and entertainment. In soliloquy, she could turn out to be a fashion icon in few years.  She recalled and narrated her experience from the event at The Dome Club where Davido launched his last album. All I could respond with were intermittent; ‘are you serious?’,’hmmmn’, and ‘really?’
To crown it all, she has never missed any concert Davido held within Lagos.

She went as far as sending me selfies with different artistes. With the caption: ‘so you won’t think I am blabbing’
My response, finally, was; ‘You have tried o!’

She last attended church 1st of January, 2015. As it the norm in this part if the Universe to adulate the creator for seeing us through the previous year.
Then the feeling of being ‘blown out of the water’ came just after I inquired and she responded with; ‘I am not the church kinda person’.

To cogitate the fact that she had already negatively streamlined her chances, she sealed the cork with her nonchalant yet obsessively assertive mentality that she only wants to get married to the man or rather ‘elephant’ who will give her all she ever needs. No career! No ambition! No drive! Nothing!
It all became pellucidly unclouded like the biblical MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is a dead end!

Yes! I am attracted to beauty! We all are. I am only human. Beauty with ‘brain’ however, will thrust me across the finish line of mere attraction.
These two, beauty and ‘brain’, enveloped with sheer reference for the CREATOR is the perfect doze for me to swim beyond the Atlantic!

I finally woke up from dreamland. All that happened probably seemed like a journey within three weeks or thereabout. Dreams though!


I checked my Facebook notifications this morning. Guess what?

A friend request from the same lady I dreamt about!




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