To September


September walks in majestically like the landlord of the estate – without fuss. Looking around with the ‘what-is-happening-here’ face.
I remember the unending yearly apprehension that always grips the months with the ‘ber’ suffix.
The enemy suddenly becomes overly active and therefore doubles his efforts to ensure the evil that was escaped from January to August will race up and unleash its venom in one of the ’ember’ months.
Nigerians and their Nigerian Mentality.

Just like a senior colleague used to tell me some years back, the 1st day of any new year isn’t anything newer than he 31st of December – yesterday. It’s just any other normal day like the 2nd of January or 11th of July.

This conversation resonates in my thoughts every new year and I partly agreed eventually.
We only condition our minds to even and dates and attach importance to them as we deem fit. January 1st just another one of many tomorrows. We only celebrate and make ‘resolutions’ because the Calendar tells us it’s the beginning of a new year.

The summary therefore is that our minds are our compasses. That it’s September doesn’t call for apprehensiveness or opening of the floodgate of fear. It’s just a new day in a new month because that’s what the calendar says.

Let us live our lives in fearlessness, not fretting over of the unknown.

It’s a new day.
It’s a new month.

May it be a ‘September to Remember’.




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