Celebrating Christmas

This season is one filled with a level of extravagance and profligacy of some sorts particularly in spending.
Perhaps the sole reason of God’s divinity in humanity and immense benevolence towards His creation have long been forgotten.

This year’s celebration has particularly been filled with so much pessimism with little or no expectation majorly fueled by the crunch in finances. I have heard it more than once from different people that money has been a hard thing to come by this season, and as such, its little or no celebration.

It’s quite understandable given the harsh economic condition that is felt by all and sundry. Even at that, not even one single soul would swap this present life situation for death. That being the case, only one thing will suffice this season and that is enjoying and celebrating it without worry or premeditated pessimism.

A life on earth is worth billions long gone and forgotten. Staying true to hope and making necessary and required efforts to overcome challenges is the way forward.

Probably, last yuletide season was celebrated with outings to shoprite, spar or the cinemas. This year’s own can still be celebrated right in the comfort of our home with friends and family.

Never forget; nothing lasts forever. Not even this financial crunch.

Merry Christmas.



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