Calendar says it’s 2016

Like some already know,  I rarely attach importance to a New Year. I see January 1st as just the ‘next day’ to the ‘former’ and the ‘yesterday’ to the ‘tomorrow’. But sincerely, that’s what it is.

The calendar only tells us it’s a new day and particularly a New Year. But what if there was no calendar? We just have to keep busy with whatever we find ourselves doing.

I have seen so many posts on the New Year thingy; especially on that word; RESOLUTIONS.  So many have murdered that word that it has lost it’s true meaning.
The only question I ask is why wait till the new year before making resolutions? Do you wait till January 1st before eating the special Rice and Chicken delicacy as is the custom on this part of the divide? Absolutely Not!

A good friend of mine Stephen Akanmu asked me a question while we were discussing about the launch of his long overdue website, what I intend for the New Year. My reply to him,  on first impulse was this; ‘Bro, plans haven’t  changed. And it is to Become Better and More Productive.’

It doesn’t have to be ‘new year, new me’. You can be renewed each and every passing day. You can set targets and strive towards achieving them.
It’s 361 days to go. Don’t just sit and count the days. Make the days Count.

I love you all.


Civil Engineer || Writer || Lover of Music



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