Like The Mosquito



The different songs that play in our ears while we sleep tend to be annoying and irritating. They come at times when the physical self deserves an overdue rest.

Right there in our sopor, when we are halfway back to reality, fighting off the noise in our ears, it gets to a point when we reach our breaking point, we snap into life to hunt down this ‘disturbia’. Sometimes our hunt becomes successful. Other times, it doesn’t.

One thing we rather fail to admit or come to terms with, is the fact that our unsuccessful quests, leaves us to go through the same process all over. It becomes so pestiferous; we lose our sleep in the process.

A typical Nigerian has one time or the other, dealt with having to hunt down mosquitoes. I have come to learn about what is likely to be the most obvious trait of a mosquito – PERSEVERANCE. They do not give up. At least not until one succeeds in obliterating them.

All things, good or bad, come to those who persistently go after them. A mosquito becomes successful because it never considers how long it will take to get that tiny portion of blood. It keeps coming until it succeeds, or not.

An easy thing it is to set goals. Achieving them however, requires one to be like the mosquito, who in the face of adversary, persists and perseveres.
Persistence may be a Bitter Plant, it does have Sweet Fruits.

Keep on going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you least expect.

Go and Succeed!



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