In The Wrong Hands

There were times when we all castigated the ills in the society. A thief is displayed on national TV and there is this satisfaction that comes with it. More like the society is at least one person short of endangering our lives. Justice should prevail – we silently pray. But of course, it takes little or nothing for it to prevail over the everyday societal petty thieves. Reverse is the case with the top officials. Could something be wrong?
Since we are all privileged differently – the wealthy and the poor, could something really have instigated the desire to commit a crime. Definitely. Yes!

All fingers, as they say, are not equal. While some may be lucky, others are not. The position of being parented, mentored and led comes to fore. We only get to choose who leads or directs us when we are given the power to. No child chooses who his or her parents should be. A newly employed worker, has no choice than to answer to a new boss whether or not he or she likes the boss’ face.

What happens to a toddler who has no option that to follow in the directives of a guardian? Even if actions are blatantly negative, the choice of saying no is improbable. The commandments and orders have to be adhered to. The tasks must be completed. Missions must be fulfilled. Not all these children are anywhere near lucky to have the right guidance while growing. The unlucky ones become victims of negative social vices. What is a taboo to a well groomed kid is norm to them. What other kids deem abnormal is their way of life –  property crime to smoking, and others vices.

Fault of theirs? No. They would have turned out just like the any normal kid if they had the right guidance and tutelage. These ones grow up to understand that their way of life is against societal ethics. It however becomes difficult to change. How can an Eskimo suddenly become a citizen in the Sahara.
While some are lucky enough to have an encounter to make them turn a new leaf, others are not.

They fell in the wrong hands of parenting and mentoring. Hands that need being held as well. It becomes the popular illustration of the one who is naked but yet wants to clothe others. When the children eventually realizes why they should change for the better, it is too late. The law has caught up with them.
One can be grateful for growing up in sane conditions and reasonable circumstances. We should be wary of judging others too quickly because they were found going against the laws of the land.

If they had your chance, they may likely do better than you are doing.

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