Recent reports depicts that unemployment rate in the last quarter of 2015 has risen by 0.5% from 9.90% to 10.40%. The number of unemployed persons increased by 518,000 totaling 76.95million of labor force population. The youths having a huge share of 80%.
This is not a post of to detail the nation’s unemployment struggles. It is demeaning enough that the youths hold a larger percentage in this statistics.

Youths! Stop Standing. Start sitting to think about making and breaking records.

Prior to the 2015 general elections, the ex-president’s campaign organisation commenced the #IStandWithGEJ hashtag as a way of showing where one’s alliance and allegiance lie. Youths became divided as the performance of the man some claim to stand with is questionable. Different phases and levels of refurbishments were painted as outstanding performances in order to yield another term for the ousted president. The issue was not with the people who started the campaign but with youths who blindly gave their support when they could not see beyond their noses. The campaign spread like wildfire on social media and we suddenly had more people standing every day and night than people who were sitting to focus on working or even sleeping.
They obviously stood on a time bomb that later exploded when they least expected.

The hashtag has been imbibed ever since. With ever little issue, people just begin to stand and the “I stand” hashtag floods social media like rivers of living waters.

Opprobrious enough is the #IStandWithSaraki. No one is guilty until the court declares such. It is however wise enough to not to “stand” but sit and observe proceedings and allow justice to have its way rather than end up “disgracing one’s local government” when the outcome says otherwise.

Currently, some backward-thinking Nigerians have started the #IStandWithBuhari campaign. One begins to wonder why a sitting president needs people to stand with him.
While his campaign promises have turned bleak and the statements rearranged, we all want the country to have a working system. Due process followed in the electioneering process, gaining admission in the higher institutions, securing jobs because one is qualified. We need all the sectors functioning optimally and effectively and so many more.

The man at 73 can still stand by himself, just like he did all through his campaigning period. He obviously does not need people stand with him. Standing with him should have ended after he became victorious at the last election. We can only support him now, wish him to succeed, demand him to perform until the positive change becomes glaring to all and sundry.

We owe it to ourselves and the coming generation to stand for ourselves and against what is wrong.
Report has it that it’s the same set of people who stood with GEJ till he was booted out are the same ones claiming to stand with Buhari. Wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Let Us Stand
For what is needful
For ourselves and the future
And to those who still want to stand with him, what exactly are you standing with him for?




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