Is the Church Cheating Us?

The pendulum has swung a million times and one regarding issues on whether the church has deviated from its true purpose of gospel propagation to gospel entrepreneurship.
The premise is not about the general duty of the church as a body but the effect of the roles of the church outside its sole aim of winning souls to the kingdom.

A toddler can decipher the DaVinci code around the many real and fake churches that abound in our present world. The jet-flying and bodyguard-protected ones who people keep revering are not ague to see. They preach prosperity more than heaven and even when they reluctantly talk about heaven, they utter statements to connote that only giving is the ticket to heaven.


Now that people have given and they continue to, who and what is the “meat” meant for?Most pastors now enjoy the luxuries and build world class universities. Tithes and love offerings, welfare offerings, first fruits, pastor’s seed offering, and so many others. Yet, these churches have very weak welfare plans for their members. Most of the members who contributed their widow’s mite in a bid to be spiritually upright, since giving to the church is the only way blessings can come, become relegated to the back when its time for the catch.

An ordinary market woman who ensures she pays all things payable finds it difficult to send her only son to the university established by the church she has attended for over 20 years simply because she cannot afford it. Her tithe was part of the money used to lay the foundation of the very university. No one gives to God and He raises His standard so high that they do not get to enjoy the benefits attached.

“Is the church cheating us?”

Meat in His storehouse should be to feed and cater for those who are less privileged, those who may not be able to afford the high costs, those who do not even have enough to eat. It should not be to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. That should be the last place we see such comparison.




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